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Learning how to coupon…

#1 RULE OF COUPONING:  you can use both a manufactures coupon and a store coupon on the same product.

#2 RULE OF COUPONING:  if an item is BOGO Free, you can use two coupons.  Often this means you can get both items for free

If you follow coupon blogs, they will do A LOT of the work for you.  They will also tell you about great Amazon deals or Free Samples.  Definitely sign up for the free samples as they almost always come with coupons!  I created a seperate email account just for coupons and deals.

Here are some of the blogs that i find really useful.  You will notice that multiple site will have the same deals, so just pick one of these to get started!


Here are some of the websites where you can print coupons from.  Generally on these websites you can print two copies per computer.  If you have multiple computers in you home, like I do, you can print two per computer, even if they are running off the same IP address.  This is because the tracking software is built to recognize the browser, not the IP!

4.  find your favorite brands on facebook and “like” them, usually you will find printable coupons and/or free samples.

Purchase the “All You” magazine at Walmart.  Lately it has been on sale for $1.88 and this month has over $91.00 in coupons.  There is a index in the first few pages that lists all the coupons so you will know ahead of time if you want to buy it.

Also, go to your grocery store website (Giant Eagle, Shop ‘n Save, etc) most of the time you can clip “e” coupons and they will load onto your shoppers card – no clipping!

Find out ahead of time what coupons will be in the Sunday paper by going to  If you see coupons you KNOW you will use, buy multiple copies at the store. 

Let me know if you have questions!

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